Jennybird’s Treacherous Gardens



Jennybird Alcantara’s art is a side trip into the back alleys of fairytale kingdoms.  You do not find her creations on a guided tour. They do not inhabit the Main Streets of fairytales, fables and mythology.  If you want to go where she goes, then you need to know a local.




The surrealistic influence on her art is apparent.  There is also a definite Juxtapoz sensibility to the work.  That, however, is just vocabulary.  Her work is uniquely her own and transcends that.  She fashions stories, stories that draw you in and make you want to know more. She uses a vocabulary of wide-eyed chimera – often dismembered and reassembled.  It is a personal doll hospital where a fully realized vision of creation, extinction and re-creation are all present.


The current show at Varnish Gallery runs through May 9th.  I recommend the Easton Zinfandel to accompany your visit:  “candied red fruit, white pepper and cloves – a nervy Zin” to compliment some nervy art.



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