SF Open Studios – Weekend Two: “Where’s Mike Going?”


This weekend, there will be nearly 150 artists opening their studios from Ocean Beach in the west; running up San Francisco on the north side; all the way to Fort Mason.   And, once again, everyone is asking “So Mike, where are you going?” 


SF Open StudiosWell, I outlined my traditional strategy last week, and it is unchanged:  I go to the San Francisco Open Studios Preview Gallery at SomArts, 934 Brannon Street.  Before I go, I pick up a copy of this week’s Bay Guardian.  There is a pull-out map for Weekend Two that lists everyone who is an official San Francisco Open Studios participant, along with their location on the map.  I go to the Preview Gallery, map in hand (there is also an online copy here), and chart out where I am going based on which works exhibited appeal to me.  While there, I also pick up a free copy of the Guide. I have been to the Preview Gallery.  Once again, I have a plan.  



Friday Night Receptions

There are several Friday Night Opening Receptions.  I have a compilied a list here under “San Francisco Fall Open Studios“.  Since there are also a couple of other major art events on Friday night, I am going to mix and match. 


Studio Nocturne & Bay Area Printmakers:
Fort Mason, Bldg D (directions)

h1_h72_hospitalThis is the largest of the Friday Night opening receptions with over 50 artists exhibiting.  If there is only one opening reception that you are going to on Friday Night, this would be the choice.  I am particularly enamored of the Nocturnes who have collectively been producing amazing photography for over a decade.  The founder, Tim Baskerville is one of the most influential photographers in the Bay Area.  I will also have a profile up on Rebecca Chang, another photographer showing with the Nocturnes, probably tomorrow. 
The Bay Area Printmakers will also be showing on Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday.  Along with the Nocturnes, this is where I try to get my Christmas shopping done.  Photography and printmaking are some of the more affordable fine art formats; and, both of these organizations are populated with amazing artists.
1544 Market Street 
droppedImageI am then heading across town to check out some of my favorite artists.  The featured artist are: David Avery, Mirto Golino, Mike Kimball, Ron Newman, and Stephen C. Wagner.  Stephen’s work, pictured here, was profiled earlier this year, here on SF Art News.  There will be lots of opportunities to see Mike’s work all month.  He is part of the Bay Area Printmakers.  And, he will be showing in his own studio next week:  SOMA Bryant Studios. 
3030 20th St.
image2This is the two day celebration of the Grand Opening of Southern Exposure’s new home; their 35th Anniversary, and their inaugural exhibition , Bellwether. Friday night and most of Saturday, it’s  a block party.  I am planning to be there.  You should too.  Time to pony up and join Soex.  They are apparently selling memberships at the door for their member reception, so that is my plan.  It is a great organization in a great new space!
SomArts, 934  Brannon Street
3977561918_34ae0c37c8This is the party that I look most forward too!  Over the years I have seen some astonishing installation works here.  There’s going to be music, theater, and some of the most original Day of The Dead art that you will ever see by a huge range of artists.  Participants include:  Patricia A. Montgomery, Elizabeth Addison, Dena Al-Adeeb, Susana Aragon, Adrian Arias, Azul Arias-Aragon, Mara Barenbaum, Jesus Barraza, Virginia Benavidez, Nathaniel Bolton, Nic Bucchi (AKA Flynt, )Carla Caletti, Melanie Cervantes, Deborah Cohen, Alicia Cruz-Hunt, Rick Darnell, Lucinda DeNatale, Kathy DeRosas, Lanell Dike, Annamarta Dostourian, Candi Farlice, Gisela Feid, Juliet Flower MacCannell, deCoy Gallerina, Santiago Gervasi, Francisco Gomez, CJ Grossman, Peter Gurein, Bjorn Heinbach, Rosa Hernandez, Carol J. Stewart, Melinda Johson, Caylly Jones, Fredda Kaplan-Robles, Gina Lim, Philip Long, Ytaelena Lopez, Dean MacCannell, Yoli Manzo, Jeff Marshall, Cris Matos, Susan Matthews, David Molina, Steve Molina (AKA Stix), Fernando Montiel, Mary Molly Mullaney, Carla Oden, Aydasara Ortega, Cassandra Parshall, Txutxo Perez, Audra Ponce, Brenda Rasmussen, Renaldo Ratto, Denise Richards, Russell Robles, Veronica Rojas, Michael Roman, Jeff Roysdon, Enrique Salazar, Nick Salazar, Jos Sances, Nicole Schach, Valerie Schlafke, Shizue Seigel, Malik Seneferu, Julie Slinger, Rosario Sotelo, Ilona Sturm, David Tafolla, Lia Tealdi-Heinbach, Cynthia Tom, Elka Vera, Ellen Vogel, Marcy Voyevod, Alain Waeber, Wilton Woods, Rio Yañez, Rene Yañez, Victor Mario Zaballa.  Admission is on a sliding scale.

This weekend is a little more leisurely than Weekend One.  I plan to start with a scrumptuous breakfast at Green’s looking out over the Bay.  Might have a little champagne – who knows.  Then, I am going to spend most of the day re-visiting the Fort Mason artists that I was only able to briefly see at the party on Friday.



742I plan to start Sunday with a visit to California Studios.  I have not been there before, but there are eight artists showing.  The featured artists are:  Caren Lorber, Cheryl McDonald, Fabienne Bismuth, Joe Cunningham, Len Musacchia, Andrew Ogus and Chuck Thurston.




Then, I have mapped out a number of studios in the neighborhoods to visit.  Circled on my map are: 


BatesBates Poland Bates
2526 26th Avenue.




4RecoveryTachina Rudman
2433 Lawton Street





2Fong Fai
239 12th Avenue





philippe_jestin_189Phillippe Jestin
646 Laguna Street





deutschland_400Barbara Kleinhans
1240 Hayes Street #6




1Eleanor Dickinson
1240 Hayes Street #6





And, finishing with a flourish at the always fabulous studio of

veerakeat_tongpaiboon_411Veerakeat TongPaiBoon
2613 Pine Street




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