SF Open Studios Weekend Three – “So, Where’s Mike Off to Now?”


SF Open Studios This weekend, over 200 artists will be opening their studios from Third Street -> SOMA ->  Downtown -> over to North Beach.  It is a daunting journey, but if anyone is up for the challenge, it is me.  And, once again, everyone is asking “So Mike, where are you off to now?” 

Well, I have already outlined my traditional strategy:  I go to the San Francisco Open Studios Preview Gallery at SomArts, 934 Brannon Street.  Before I go, I pick up a copy of this week’s Bay Guardian.  There is a pull-out map for Weekend Three that lists everyone who is an official San Francisco Open Studios participant, along with their location on the map.  I go to the Preview Gallery, map in hand (there is also an online copy here), and chart out where I am going based on which works exhibited appeal to me.  While there, if I have not picked up a copy of this year’s Guide, I definitely get myself a copy.  


Friday Night Receptions

This is a big weekend for Friday Night Opening Receptions.  I have a compilied a list here under “San Francisco Fall Open Studios“.  I am going to try to get to as many as possible.  For efficiency, I am going to start with the SOMA Open Studios that are having Friday Night Receptions.


SOMA Open Studios
689 Bryant Street

Io by Erica Meriaux

Io by Erica Meriaux

This is the largest of the Friday Night opening receptions with over 40 artists exhibiting.  They are hosting a reception and silent auction, with proceeds from the auctions benefiting RAMS.  This studio has a number of my favorite artists.  Erika Mériaux was featured in a profile: Artist and Collector – A Spark of Recognition here earlier this year.   Mike Kimball is featured in a profile on an excellent local art blog: Arteaser.  Other artists that I never miss the chance to visit include Tama Greenberg, Jana Grover, Renee Eaton, Suzanne Radcliffe and Deloris Thomas.

1544 Market Street 
Alan Mazzetti

Alan Mazzetti

Just a couple of doors down, Garage Gallery will be featuring the work of Alan Mazzetti (paintings), Dan Newman (photographs), Tara Gill (photographs), Dennis Smith (paintings), Henry Epstein (paintings), and Susan Tuttle (photographs).  Definitely worth a peek.  Plus it is a cool space with a cool owner, who couples his automobile repair business with a gallery!

340 Bryant Street
Sandy Yagi

Sandy Yagi

A few blocks up Bryant Street is a relatively new artist studio building.  The entrance is a little bit tricky.  You go like you would be getting on the freeway in the carpool lanes; but stay right and go past the freeway entrance.  The building is immediately on your left.  Featured artists:  Alan Brenner, Amanda Blanton, Florence Gray, Heather Sandler, Jonah Ward, Karl Roeseler, Margot Hartford, Sandra Yagi, Susan Joy Rippberger, Susan Taylor, & William Cooper

739 Clementina Street
ab4Catchsm_awHidden away on a small street just off 9th, is Liz Mamorsky’s magic castle.  I never ever miss her openings.  It is a really fun place to visit.  And, her husband is in the wine business so the house wine should be just wonderful.  I will be kicking off Weekend Three tomorrow (Friday) with a profile on Liz, so check back tomorrow morning!
One Rankin Street
hausDeparting SOMA , I head out to the industrial section of San Francisco just off Third Street for two last studios.  First up, the mostly sculpture studio fronting on Islais Creek.  Over a dozen artists have open studios.  I featured Rebecca Fox here on SF Art News earlier this year.  But there are many other talented artists, as well.  Some of my favorites include Alex MacLeitch (work pictured here) and Min Hwan Park
1750 Armstrong Avenue
patchen-vaseContinuing further south on Third Street towards Candlestick, I am finishing the night at Public Glass.  They say that they are only staying open until 9pm, but I am hoping the party turns into an after-party.  It’s been known to happen.  This studio is a real crowd-pleaser with hot glass generally being blown.  You may want to come back, in fact, next weekend for the Halloween Party on the 31st!  Hot Glass, Cold Beer makes another appearance.  Make a donation; get a hand-blown mug; use it to drink beer while you watch the glass blowers perform their alchemy.  Davd Patchen, shown here, was featured in a SF Art News profile earlier this year.

No time to waste on Saturday.  A friend of mine from Berkeley, Yoko Ueno Lewis is a Japanese designer.  She has never been to San Francisco Open Studios so I am going to show her around.  I am picking her up at BART and we will re-trace my SOMA steps from Friday night for the most part, but with a couple of notable additions.


Hot Studios
585 Howard Street, First Floor

Carlo_Abruzzese_552Hot Studios is a  design studio, founded by Maria Giudice. an artist and calligrapher.  It will open its doors for the second year in a row and exhibit artwork created by its employees: Renee Anderson (kiln-worked glass), Peter Jacques (collage) and Holger Struppek (photography) along with an equally diverse group of local artists: Ramekon (mixed media, assemblage), Carlo Abruzzese (painting, mixed media), Christopher Craig (mixed media) and Benji Hunt (mixed media).  Since my guest is a designer of some renown, I think she will really enjoy visiting this studio.  Also, Carlo, whose work is pictured here, is one of my personal favs!
61 Bluxome Street
BubblesIIMy guest also designs ceramics, so we will be stopping by The Clay Studios.  Most of the clay artists are pretty traditional, but Jane Grimm, whose work is prictured here, is definitely not.  I try to visit her studio every year to see her new works.




61 Bluxome Street 
storeshotWell, this is not SF Open Studios.  However, I love this store and it is not too far out of the way.  More importantly,my guest for the day, YokoUeno Lewis, has designed some of the ceramics in the store from Bee House.  And, she has never been to the store.  It will be fun to introduce her to Lisa Congdon, the proprietor (and a talented SF artist herself).






Sunday, I am going to be a little more relaxed.  I am heading over to Just For You Cafe for some eggs & grits.  Then I am going to visit the studios around Dogpatch. 

Noonan Building
Pier 70 near 20th & Third
HuaThis building houses some outstanding artists and it is well-worth visiting.  Iwill be stoppin by to visit Philip Hua (work pictured here), Suzy Barnard and Adele Shaw, for sure.  I also love the view of the San Francisco bay from this building.  There are some abandoned buildings along the waterfront that are incredibly photogenic.  If you have never been out there, be sure to add it to your itinerary.




2565 Third Street

PVOne of my favorite artists, Pete Villasenor shows at Graphic Arts Workshop.  Including Pete, there are ten artists showing here.  It is a great place todo your Christmas shopping!  Many of the works are produced in editions and. as a result, the work can be really affordable.  I am definitely bringing my checkbook. 




I am going to finish by visiting some of the individual studios.  There are dozens and I have not completely decided which I will visit yet.  But I will definitely go see  Kathryn Arnold, Reiko Muranaga, John Melvin, Katie Gilmartin (who is giving demonstrations & free stuff!) and Annie Galvin.

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