SF Art News – Profiles

Profile Artist   Website
Jennybird’s Treacherous Gardens Jennybird Alcantara
Stop Motion Brett Amory
Alternatives in Alternative Spaces Salma Arastu
Alternatives in Alternative Spaces Elizabeth Ashcroft
Alternatives in Alternative Spaces Paz de la Calzada
Burnt   Kettle Rebecca   Chang
Not That There’s Anything   Wrong With That Mitchell Confer
Profile   in Art: Sidnea D’Amico Sidnea D’Amico
Art at the Base Canteen Monica Denevan
Art at the Base Canteen Robin Denevan
Doodles   in Space Lauren DiCioccio
Before   and After the Fall Jennifer Ewing
Ok   to Burn John Fitzsimmons
Reaching   the Turning Point Rebecca Fox
Play Audrey Heller
Alternatives in Alternative   Spaces Ivy Jacobsen
Five Year Plan Dimitri Kourounitis
Seeing   the Man in the Moon Liz Mamorsky
Artist and Collector –   A Spark of Recognition Erika Mériaux
Marks   Left Behind Camilla Newhagen
Why   Birds? Zannah Noe
Judy North at Electric Works Judy North
Craft   vs Art – What’s the Fuss? David Patchen
Art=Life=Art Silvia Poloto
London   Bridge Is Falling Jenny   Robinson
The   Importance of Place William Salit
Meditation:   The Art of Ada Sadler Ada Sadler
The Prince of Artaud Pico Sanchez
Containers   of Information Monika Steiner
Burnt   Offerings – The Art of Judy Stone Judy Stone
Seeing and Dreaming Elisabeth Sunday
A Place of Her Own Cynthia Tom
Deconstruct   Reconstruct John Waguespack
Pendulum Stephen C. Wagner
Illusion of Choice Tanya Wilkinson
Curiosity   Dissected the Cat Sandra Yagi

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